pixelated world map quilt

I have been so anxious to show you what I’ve been up to lately!  I’ve even hinted at this project a few times before (here|here).

I love world maps.  I had looked into buying a large roller map for above the couch, but couldn’t seem to find one that fit our home and budget.  When I decided to make one of my own, I went through several different design ideas.  Am I the only one who always has to draft my ideas over and over again before I feel ready to execute?  Anyway, originally I wanted to applique the continents onto the quilt, then I came up with this insane, headache-inducing, overly complicated design to piece together a map of the world.  I was ready to try it out when I saw this.  Change of plan, hold my horses, back to the drawing board.  This was going to be a pixelated quilt.  And I’m SO happy that it is!

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