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rope making | yellow spool

It’s been much too long since I’ve added a tutorial to the Yellow Spool blog!  This is one that I’ve been meaning to share for a long time.  Rope making.  It’s such a useful skill to have, whether you want to make rope for a project, or you need to make rope in an emergency, this is the way to go! There’s no need to buy any materials, because it’s no-sew, and can be made with scrap fabric, or even your tattered old clothes!

rope making - step 1

Start by cutting your material into strips.  For this rope, I used 1″ strips, but you can make it smaller or larger.  Experiment!  Tie your first two fabric strips together to begin.

rope making - step 2rope making - step 3

In order to get the rope to stay twisted together, you need to twist each strip in one direction, and then twist them together in the opposite direction.  I like to twist my individual strips to the right, and then twist them together right-over-left.  You may find it more comfortable to twist in the opposite direction (twist strips left, twist together left-over-right).  Be sure to twist tightly, to make the rope as strong as possible!

rope making - step 4

When you near the end of one of your strips, you will need to join a new piece.  To do this, start by cutting a small vertical slit into the ends of each strip of fabric.  Pull the new strip (in this case, the orange), through the original strip (the mint color).

rope making - step 5

Then pull the other end of the new strip through itself, creating a loop.

rope making - step 6

Carefully pull from both ends of the joint, and you can continue to twist your rope as usual.

rope making - step 7rope making - color connection

See how clean and strong that “seam” is? All that’s left is to turn on Netflix, grab a snack, and keep twisting!

rope making | yellow spool

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