scrapped animal: fox

This squarish fox is anything but square.  Everything from his pointy nose to his swivel tail says “awesome”.  With your choice of fabric and buttons, he really will be all yours.


printable pattern
scrap materials of 4 + contrasting fabrics (see pattern pieces for measurements)
two buttons for eyes
one button for nose
one button for tail
matching thread
embroidery floss for eyes (optional)
fiber filling


Print out the Printable Pattern Pieces onto regular paper and cut them out with paper scissors.  Cut the body, side, ears, and tail pieces from your main “fox” fabric (oranges, browns, and yellows work well).  Cut the nose and tail tips from a contrasting, lighter colored fabric.  Cut out 1 Belly piece from a coordinating or contrasting fabric.


1/4″ seam allowance (guiding on the outer edge of the presser foot)

1. Line the fur pieces with right-sides-together and pin them in place.  Sew around the edges, leaving a 2″ opening on each for turning.

2. Cut notches into the curved seam allowance and clip the corners.

3.  Turn the fur pieces right-side-out and press flat.  Press the edges of the opening under 1/4″ (the same as the seam allowance).

4. Top-stitch around the edges of the fur pieces.

5. Lay the tail and tail tip pieces right side up and line each tip piece with the tail piece that matches it.   Use a zig zag stitch to applique the tips to the tail.

6.  Lay one body piece with right-side up and layer the belly on top of it, matching the notches up.  Zig zag the edges of the belly to secure it to the body.

7.  Line two ear pieces with right sides together and sew the two angled sides.  Clip the tips of each ear.

8.  Turn the ears right side out and press flat.

9.  Pin the ears to the top of the body, pointing down, with the un-sewn edge of the ears lined up with the top edge of the body piece.

10. Fold the side piece in half with right-sides-together and sew the ends together to create a tube.  Press the seam open.

11.  Line the seam from the side piece with the center bottom of the front body piece.  With right sides together, pin them together, and sew all the way around.

12. Lay the seam down towards the body, and top stitch right under each ear to hold them in the upright position.

13.  Turn the body right-side-out and pin the nose pieces in place, created a pointed tip near the belly.  Slip stitch or machine stitch the fur to the body front along the top and bottom.  Stop stitching when you get to the side seam, to leave the “fur” hanging over the edges of the face.

14.  Pin the edges of the fur pieces in and out of the way.

15.  Back stitch eyelashes and sew buttons or beads securely in place for eyes and nose.

16.  Pin the back body piece to the raw edge of the side piece, with right sides together, and the seam centered at the bottom of the back body piece.

17.  Sew around the edges, leaving a 4″ opening.

18.  Line the two tail pieces with right-sides-together and pin them in place.  Sew around the edge of the tail, leaving a 2″ opening.

19.  Clip and notch the seam allowance where needed, and clip the corner.

20. Turn the tail right-side-out, stuff the tail with fiberfill, and slip stitch the opening closed.

21.  Place the tail in place on the back of the body, and sew a button through the tail and back body layers.

22. Stuff the body with fiberfill tightly.

23.  Slip stitch the opening closed.

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  1. Looove this little fox! I have got to root through my scrap pile! Thanks for the lovely tutorial.

  2. Wow this is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I absolutely love what you did, love the fabrics and the design, just adorable!! Nicely done!

  3. Oh I love him! He may be cuter than the owl trend! Thanks for sharing at Show & Share!
    Featuring this tomorrow! Oh and I pinned! :)

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