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When I need one little detail to add to a project, my button collection is fantastic, but when I need 3 or 4 that match, I want to kick something.  Preferably the button jar.

Recently I laid out every single button (yes, it’s a choking mess, do this during nap time) and started organizing them.  About 5 minutes into it I was ready to stomp on my own hand, just to give me an excuse to stop.  But after much patience and perseverance, I was glad to see it all organized- button jar and hand both in tact.

With many, many piles of button families, I strung wire through each group and twisted it off.

From here on out, if I need 3 buttons, I can skip straight to the button pairings of 3 or more

(or 2, or 5, or …whatever).

P.S. if you’re extra lazy, and just have a couple of small buttons, you can even pair them together on a safety pin!

Doesn’t it just renew your love for buttons?

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  1. For someone who has her buttons organized in the plastic craft boxes by color and shape and number of holes or shanks. I am slightly ODC – LOL – which is only increased by my depression. The wires and paper clips and twist ties are also good ideas!
    Keep on crafting!

  2. You know what else would work well? At Home Depot, etc. they have spools of green twist-tie wire made for gardening. It’s a spool with a built-in cutter, so you can cut it to the length you need, no waste, and it would be easier on your hands than the wire and wire cutters. :)

  3. I understand your frustration with the button jar ( I have the same thing). These are great ideas to organize the little buggers! Thanks for sharing at Gettin’ Krafty! Can’t wait to see what you’ve got this week!

  4. Great idea to pair up buttons. Know what you mean about trying to find enuf buttons at the moment. Organizing buttons can be a long project depending on how many you have.
    Because of hands that don’t work too well I’d go with the green twist ties. Or I put them in jars. I collect jars to put whatever I need one for. I like glass jars so I can see what’s in the jar at a glance.
    A few years ago after losing my job I proceeded to organize my buttons among other supplies. I used trays to pour them out then had the jars handy to put a particular color into the jar. It took me a few days to do them all as I had alot of buttons I’d collected over the years and places we’d lived. They’re still organized so I can find what I need.I put labels on sides of jars and the tops. I love to add buttons to alot of my projects.

  5. Great ideas with the twist ties. If I have a lot of one kind I put them in the snack bags you can buy. I have some that have 20 or more just alike. I also sort them by color that way.

  6. I have all my colors tied together with thread. I have x-ray tins that the hospital throw out when they put everything in computers. I labeled on the side and i stand them in a drawer on there side so if i need a color i pull them out. I did the same with elastic too. Have the size labels on side too. All in one drawer too.

  7. It is the week before Christmas, and as I read this I had a package of Christmas ornament hooks sitting right beside me. They are the perfect size for this project!

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