embroidery hoop pin cushion

I kinda have a thing for pin cushions in general, but especially this one.  It’s just happy.  Whether it’s hanging up, or displayed on your table, it’s just… well, happy, is still the word that comes to mind.


Small embroidery hoop
Cork cupboard liner
Scrap of fabric
Fiber fill
Hot glue gun


Separate the two pieces of the embroidery hoop and lay the inner hoop on the back side of the cork and trace the inside circle twice.  Try to angle the pen to get as accurate of a tracing as possible.  Cut out both circles.

Lay the inner embroidery hoop (the piece with no fastener) down on top of newspaper or a brown paper bag, and place the cork inside with the sticky side facing the inside of the hoop.  Use a hot glue gun to secure the edges of the cork to the embroidery hoop.

Loosen the embroidery hoop fastener, and stuff it with fabric, and a large handful of fiber fill.  Put the inner embroidery hoop back in place, with the non-glued/non-sticky side of the cork touching the fiber fill.  Pull the fabric tight from the back side, and tighten the embroidery hoop fastener as needed.

Trim the excess fabric, leaving about 1″ around the edges.  Fold them down and glue in place.

Remove the paper backing from the other cork circle, and hot glue the sticky side.  Place it over the back side to hide the raw edges of the fabric, and hold firmly until the glue sets.

Then just fill it up with your pins,

and add it to your notions wall!  Be sure to stop by again tomorrow for the next tutorial.

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  1. Seriously, the most adorable thing EVER! I’m doing a sewing series on my blog right now and this is right up my alley. Love it!

  2. this is so cute! love it with the lace and love it with the red/white fabric. i want to go out and buy an embroidery hoop right now! found you at the gunny sack. there’s a link party at my place if you feel like stopping by!

  3. That is gorgeous! Great tutorial, thanks for sharing. These would make lovely gifts for friends who sew!

  4. OH MY GAWD how freaking cute and genius! I’ve always wanted to make my own pin cushion and this requires NO sewing (although what kinda oxymoron is this? You don’t want to sew a pincushion but you sew? Yes, I’m a nut) But this is too cute. I love the lace detail you put on top. I saw your pic on a linkup party!

  5. GENIUS idea!!! I kinda have a thing for pincushions too! I love this one, would be a perfect pressie for a crafty friend too!, Thanks for sharing :)


  6. I saw your link on The 36th Avenue and love this little hoop pin cushion. What a fun little gift for friends that sew. :)
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  7. Super cute and using the embroidery hoop is a perfect idea for someone who embroiders as a gift! Thanks for sharing!

  8. I have a small hoop I have used for over 55 years. It sold for 15cents. For some reason I have a collection of hoops in all sizes. I will be making a pin cushion using some of them tomorrow. Love it.

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