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For all those times when you need to transport that salad bowl (or more realistically, that snack bowl) from point A to point B.  For all those times when said, uh… salad ends up on the car floor mat.  Yes, I know you can buy plastic, disposable covers… but these are more eco-friendly, and if you don’t buy into all that, they’re still cute!

Make them in different sizes to fit your different bowls.


Fabric larger than the circumference of the bowl
1/4″ Elastic
Matching thread


Find a bowl you would like to make a cover for, one that is a large average of most of your bowls.  Place the bowl on top of the fabric and cut out a circle for the bowl cover, adding an extra 1″ or 2″ around the outside of the bowl.  You can tape a pencil to a cup and trace around it to help keep the distancing equal.

bowl cover pattern


1.  Line the elastic to the edge of the wrong-side of the fabric.


2.  Sew the elastic to the edge of the fabric using a zigzag stitch.  Start by sewing 3 or 4 stitches to secure the elastic in place, and then tug at the elastic as you sew, and remember, the more you pull, the tighter the elastic will be when you’re finished.

3. When you get back to the starting point, overlap the elastic about 1″ and secure it by sewing back and forth a few times.  Cut the elastic tail.

7.  Fold the elastic over once, and secure it down with another zigzag stitch around the entire circle.  This will probably pucker on the underside… that’s alright because it’s gathered and unseen anyway!

8.  Clip any threads.

Keep out the bugs.  Protect from minor spills.  Even use them to cover rising dough.

These bowl covers are fast, easy, and washable.  What’s stopping you from making 20 of them right this very minute?

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  1. So…this is amazing, but I was thinking…pretty vinyl tablecloths are on sale now as seasonal items…they would be sweet to use! You get a large one for a couple bucks…or less…have to try this!

    • I actually thought something similar as well, I have a beautiful thrifted shower curtain in my fabric stash that would make for nice water-proofing. Hmmm…. Maybe I’ll just have to do a Bowl Cover Part II

    • Responding to Arlene’s question: I would just keep the entire roll (Pkg) of elastic whole, uncut, and begin stitching, pulling as you go as instructed. When you get to the end, and overlap the end slightly, then just got off what’s left. You could also measure the circumference of your fabric circle; you’ll need slightly less than that measurement, depending on how much you pull while stitching.

  2. Oilcloth? Ripstop nylon? Vinyl fabric? I always go immediately to the remnants and sales. Any of these could be waterproof, pretty, and best of all reusable handmade space-saving gifts!

  3. wow! these look so cute! what a great idea! I always misplace bowl covers and have to use aluminum foil. I am so going to make them! thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Found you via VWB Talent Tuesday. I love these! Much cuter than plain plastic lids. I love the simplicity of them, too. Thank you for sharing! :)

  5. I love this idea, for some reason I always feel really wasteful using cellophane wrap, plus sometimes it doesn’t stick.

  6. Projects like this are why I need a sewing machine so much. These are awesome & I could get lots of use from them. Thanks for sharing at Gettin’ Krafty!

  7. What fabric would you use so that you don’t get moisture build up? Right now my bananas are covered with plastic and there is moisture inside.

    • Something like cotton that will absorb the moisture rather than sweat it. Plus cotton is easy to wash!

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