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On Friday I showed you my inspiration for the walkway dress,

and today you get the tutorial.  But first, a little information about the dress.  The chevrons are made by cutting on the bias, which helps prevent the edges from fraying.  I chose to have a random order for my chevrons, including a lone green stripe, but you could make your own more uniform.

I just tend to avoid reasoned patterns.  Probably because if someone else’s kid were wearing this I would sit and stare at it, trying to FIND a true pattern in the chevron, so in my mind this equates to something interesting.


Fabric for dress
Fabric for chevrons
Matching thread


1. Start by cutting out the pattern pieces.  I went for a simple dress with an open back to put a zipper in (the skirt piece just goes all the way around to the zipper in the back, no side seams).  You’ll also want a piece of fabric as wide as the skirt piece to cut the chevrons out of, and some bias tape if you choose to finish the neckline and sleeves that way.

2. Cut out the chevron strips by folding the length of that fabric in half (A).  Continue folding it in half again, and again, and again, until the piece is the width you’d like for each angled side of the chevron (B).  Pin together if needed.  Cut into the end of the folded piece at a 45 degree angle, removing any pins that might be in the way (C).  Keep cutting at that angle, until you have enough strips (D).  Cut a contrasting colored chevron if desired.

3. Lay the first strip where desired onto the skirt piece.  I chose to start with my green piece because it would be the focus of the dress.  Pin in place at the corners along the chevron.

4. Top stitch the top of the chevron to the skirt.

5. Pin the next chevron in place.  If it overlaps with another chevron strip, lift the top piece out of the way to sew the lower piece down.  Continue this process until you’ve sewn all of the strips in place.

6. Sew the shoulder and side seams for the dress bodice.

7. Line the top to the skirt, with right-sides-together, and pin evenly across.

8. Sew the top to the skirt.  My skirt was gathered slightly to fit the bodice.

9. Sew a centered zipper into the back of the dress (if needed).

10 (optional) When I tried my dress on, it was too loose at the waistline.  I fixed this by sewing elastic to the seam allowance between the zipper and side seam on both sides.  I was careful to sew it only to the seam allowance, so the zigzag wouldn’t be seen on the outside of the dress.

11. All that’s left to do is finish the raw edges.  For the hem, I chose to cut it to length and leave it raw because it was a knit material, so I wasn’t worried about it fraying.  If you’re using a woven material, however, a simple double hem would be lovely.

Add a little bias tape to the neckline and sleeves to finish them off, and you have an adorable walkway dress.

Isn’t it just so much fun?!

I know a certain someone who would agree.

It’s comfortable enough to get down and play in,

(I see London, I see France…)

and easy to jazz up with your favorite over-sized winter coat and hat.  What a silly little thing, this one!

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