the can-can gift wrap

I’m very selective about which books I let my kids look through unsupervised (usually only thrifted books) because, while I love letting them explore and spend time with their nose in a book, they can be a bit careless.  I’ve found books with scribbles, missing pages, and even realized too little too late once that Lenna had brought a book with her to play with in the bathtub.  Sometimes it’s just something you look over, and other times the book just isn’t the same.  When that’s the case, I try to remember to pull out some of the good pages before getting rid of the book.

This wrapping idea can be done with newspaper, magazines, maps, book pages, or even standard gift wrap.  Finding the right paper is most of the fun!  As you probably guessed, I used a page salvaged from an old book, and I think it turned out perfect!

The fact that it’s wrapped in a can makes for a fun moroccan thing when someone shakes it to guess what’s inside!


clean can
recycled paper of some form (book page, newspaper, etc.)


① Use a bowl to trace and cut out a circle from the recycled paper larger than the circumference of the can.
② Set the paper on top of the can and fold it down, holding it in place temporarily with a rubber band.  Mine is off-centered for an asymmetrical look.
③ Wrap the ribbon/twine around the can several times and tie if off tightly with a bow.  Remove the rubber band.

Reduce. Reuse. Wrap.

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