plaid goodie jar

You always have just a small handful of people that you’d like to give a little something each holiday season.  Maybe extended family, or neighbors?  You fill their sugar quota every year, it’s no surprise to anyone, so there’s no need to package it inconspicuously.  It’s delicious, show it off!

This plaid jar is simple without being lazy.


mason jar (with lid)
rubber bands


① Take the lid off of the mason jar and arrange rubber bands around the width of the jar.
② Weave rubberbands over and and under vertically.  Don’t worry about keeping it perfectly lined up as you go, you can go back and straighten it up when you’re finished weaving.
③ Carefully put the lid back on.

I’m a sucker for plaid. Even if it’s neutral.

Reduce. Reuse. Wrap.

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