5: threading the sewing machine (front loading bobbin)

Going over the bobbin can be tricky, because not every machine is alike.  There are two basic types, the top loading bobbin without a bobbin case, and the front loading bobbin with a bobbin case (which we’re going over here).  Because the threading methods for these two types of machines are so different, I’ve decided to divide them up into two posts.  To find instructions for inserting a top loading bobbin, click HERE.


My machine does not have a bobbin case, but my dear friend let me borrow her machine for some pictures.

With the needle and presser foot up, open the hinged cover on the front of the machine.

Pull the tab on the front of the bobbin case and gently remove the bobbin case from the sewing machine.

Remove any bobbin that might already be in the bobbin case.  Lay the wound bobbin on a flat surface, with the thread coming over the top to the right.  If you tug on the thread tail, it should turn the bobbin clockwise (to the right).

Lay the bobbin in the bobbin case.

Place the thread in the small slit at the top of the bobbin case, and slide it to the right until it clicks into place in the slot under the finger.

Once the bobbin is in place, pull the hinged latch (the same one you used to pull the bobbin out of the machine earlier) and put the bobbin case into the machine.  Turn it to the right until it clicks into place.  You should hear the click.


The upper thread should already be threaded, if not find the tutorial HERE. Use one hand to hold the upper thread. While holding the upper thread with one hand, use the other hand to turn the hand wheel towards you until you see the needle move down into the needle plate.

While still holding your upper tread, continue to turn the hand wheel towards you until you see the needle come back up to its highest position. At this point, stop turning the hand wheel and pull on the upper thread until you see a small loop of thread below the presser foot.

Gently pull that loop out (the loop is your bobbin thread and you want to bring it up from under the machine). With both your upper and bobbin threads set up, you can start to sew!

Below is a diagram of the front loading bobbin overview.

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  1. Thanks so much! I’ve inherited a machine with no manual and no-one to ask! Thankfully I’ve followed your fab directions and I seem to be in business…

  2. I hope someone sees this…I have somehow managed to take ours ours whole…I guess fron Load part. What the bobbin goes into and the tou metal piece thay holds it all in…I think.Now I cant put it back together…help!!!

    • Do you have a user’s manual? If not, taking it in to a professional to help get it put back together is your best option. Good luck!

  3. So I just bought a used front loading machine with no manual and I managed to do it all correct but the tread on my needle continues to come loose do I have to do the whole process again with the bobbin every time or can I just tread my needle and sew since I did the threading of the bobbin in the beginning?

  4. Thank you. I finally dug my mother’s sewing machine out of storage (of course no manual). I got it serviced. Attempted to sew, come to find out the bobbin was empty. Could not figure out how to load the new bobbin until I found your post!

  5. THANK YOU SO MUCH……. I tried to sew a bag and the stitches were all loose i kept trying to put the bobbin in but the stitches were still really loose and then i found your website and realized that they were loose because i threaded the bobbin wrong thanks to your website i can now sew with tight stitches. Your website was so helpful so again thank you so much!!!!!!!

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