Do you make your own patterns? ▸▸ Yes! Making the patterns is one of my favorite elements of the quilting process, in fact! All of my quilts have a pixelated effect, because I piece in all rectangular geometrics. Coming up with the basic pattern is fairly simple, but figuring out the exact measurements for all of the different sizes can be a bit tricky sometimes (it's mathy).

Do you sell your quilt patterns? ▸▸ I don't. My quilting process works well for me, but I wouldn't know where to begin to create a sellable pattern. It would also be complicated because I sell product using these patterns, and am not looking for competition.

Do the pillows include the pillow form? ▸▸ Absolutely. Because each pillow pattern is sized a bit differently, it's simplest to just include the pillow insert so you don't have to try to track one down. That, and it's much more fulfilling to send them out ready to use!

What kind of fabric do you use? ▸▸ I use 100% American made cotton.

What is your return policy? ▸▸ our return policy can be found here.

Do you take custom orders? ▸▸ Sometimes. I love custom work when I have the time for it! If you'd like a custom quilt or pillow please email me at yellowspool @ for more information