when the sewing machine is off \\ 012

when the sewing machine is off \\ yellow spool
when the sewing machine is off \\ yellow spool
when the sewing machine is off \\ yellow spool
when the sewing machine is off \\ yellow spool
when the sewing machine is off \\ yellow spool

Cold, early mornings are made for the indoors.
Wooden blocks, and puzzles, and crayons.
Crayons, which will promptly get broken.

But crisp afternoons- those are made for nature walks.
For learning, sketching, exploring.
For using the energy God has granted you.

Then, during their quiet, sleepy hours,
life will feel productive… just for a moment.
But what is “productivity”, anyway?
After all, helping them grow
is the most valuable use of time.

when the sewing machine is off \\ 011

yellow spool

yellow spool

Rauland has been enjoying a three week semester break with the family, and let me tell you… it’s been the best.  Sleepy mornings with the girls snuggling us in bed.  His cooking, my cleaning.  And several daddy-daughter dates.  Oh, those daddy-daughter dates; there’s nothing as sweet as opening a message from your husband, to find pictures of your sweet, happy babies.

Back to real life on Monday, but man, it’s been good.

when the sewing machine is off \\ 010

when the sewing machine is off \\\ yellow spool

Our house is finally feeling festive.  Complete with a little potted Christmas tree, and ornaments strung on the wall as the result of it’s flimsy branches ;)  Lenna keeps taking off one of her socks and asking to wear her “big stripe sock” that’s hanging over the fireplace.  Just wait ’til you find it filled with candy one morning, kid.

A bundle of adorable letters are waiting for my girls for a mail advent.  A letter a day for each of them from their cousins and grandparents to countdown the twelve days to Christmas.  I can’t wait to see their faces each day when they get their mail!

My kids think doing laundry is a super fun game.  Could this be swayed by the fact that I gasp and squeal when I tell them we “get” to fold laundry?  Naaaaaah, they’re probably just domestic enthusiasts at heart.  Lenna is my rag-folder and shirt-hanger.  And Bev is my sock-matcher.  Sometimes.  Well, she pairs them up, at least.

when the sewing machine is off \\ 009

I used to do a little weekly series where I shared some of life’s moments when I wasn’t sewing.  Since I try to concentrate my sewing hours into nap & bedtime, the list is usually filled with my family’s everyday. I don’t know why I stopped, I guess I just got preoccupied, but this is my journal, and I do more than sew.  With that said, I’m bringing back the little moments with “when the sewing machine is off”:

the chair share

We finally had to break down and get a vacuum that works, and I’ve never felt like such a slob in my life.  My goodness, that thing finds a lot of dirt in our little apartment.  The vacuum industry has made leaps and bounds in the last five years, I tell ya.

Apparently, when my girls aren’t sleeping on the same bed, or playing the same games, or splashing in the same bath, or drinking from the same cup, they’re eating on the same chair.  I literally cannot get them to sit apart anymore.  But I’m pretty sure that’s a good thing :)

I did me a little furniture rearranging today to get a spot cleared right by the windows to put our Christmas tree in a few days.  I keep coming in and seeing that bare corner and grinning in anticipation.

We don’t see much of Rauland with his ever-time-consuming student and church duties, but every once in a while he sneaks home before the girls go to bed and when he does so it feels like a gift.  Like, it really does feel like someone has handed me a tangible gift that we can hug and giggle over.

when the sewing machine is off \\ 008


I have distinct memories of sitting on the hood of my parent’s car as a kid.  I felt on top of the world… and a little reckless.  Silly really, since I’m sure they put me up there.

Yesterday Lenna came running inside with the energy of a puppy who’s seen it’s first squirrel, telling me all about the “cool trick” she just did.  She then proceeded to lead me outside and show me how her daddy could put her up on top of the car.

I’m pretty sure she felt on top of the world… and maybe even a little reckless.