two for free

two for free

two for free

two for free

two for free

I’ve designed a quilt that involves a very specific pattern by rows, rather than squares.  In making a few of these I’ve tried to find a good solution to keep my rows organized as I sew.  What I came up with was a very simple system with laminated numbers and large safety pins to keep each row together in order.  The quilt has 42 rows and I bought a pack of 40 super humongous safety pins.

Being far too cheap to buy another pack, I just figured there would be two rows unpinned, and I’d have to keep them somewhere safe, out of reach of destructive little hands (I’m not pointing fingers or anything).  Open the package up, count the pins, and find that there are exactly 42 safety pins!  One for each row of my quilt.

I’m a pretty awesome person, so it was probably good karma.

some things are neat, and some things are perfect

Today’s to-do:
work on Christmas gifts
photograph table for Rauland’s portfolio

Last year, Rauland’s Christmas gift to me was this beautiful, handcrafted table.  He designed it to fit my needs perfectly with a top the same size as my cutting mat, and a big space for storage.  I don’t think he’ll ever understand why storage space gives me butterflies, but he accommodates it, which also gives me butterflies.

I absolutely, positively do not, in any way, miss the old plastic folding table that used to house my sewing machine.

when the sewing machine is off \\ 001

My parents stop by for the shortest, most fantastic weekend ever.  Fish’n’chips, hiking, scenic picnic, car show, baseball, and lots and lots of muddy buddies.

I opt to build a fort around the air mattress before taking it down from my parents’ visit.  Would the magic of it wear off if I left it up all the time?  Seriously, this thing is the best babysitter ever.

I’m singing songs to my girls- replacing most of the key words with “Lenna” and “Bev”.  Sometimes it sounds like nonsense.  You know, “I’m a little teaBev short and stout.  Here is my handle, here is my spout.  When I get all steamed up, Lenna shouts, ‘tip Bev over and pour her out’.  The girls eat it up.

I find time to reflect on this beautiful country that I’m so blessed to live in.  The freedoms, the opportunities, the people.  We certainly don’t all have the same vision and opinions about what’s best for this country, but we have the same fundamental freedoms.  And that’s enough to make my heart swell.

I wish there was a way for me to properly and personally thank each person who has contributed to my family’s safety and happiness here in the United States of America.  My gratitude is always in my heart, but especially today.