pocket quad

Yesterday I showed you the inspiration for this project, and today I give you the pocket quad, as the title so states.  I chose to use mine to liven up a simple tee, but they’d be fun on anything: a backpack, skirt, apron…

Simple enough, so let’s skip the jabber and get right to it!


pack of plan t-shirts
bias tape
matching thread


1. Keep one t-shirt in tact, and use the other to cut up into pockets.  Mine are 5″ squares.
2. Sew bias tape around the edges of each pocket.
3. Mark pocket placement onto the t-shirt with a pencil and ruler.  It helps to keep something flat inside the shirt while you do this, like a cutting mat, cardboard, or a cutting board.
4. Use the pencil markings as your guide, and sew each pocket in place, leaving the top open (obviously) and back-stitching at the beginning and end for reinforcement.

You can never have too many pockets.  It’s FUNctional. Yes, I said it.


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be inspired: mailboxes

I know that snail mail is being replaced with online interactions, but who doesn’t LOVE getting something exciting in the mail?  I mean, really.  Plus, there’s just something charming about the cute mailbox out front, validating your little home.  With that in mind, I creepily leered outside of homes and apartment complexes to find mailboxes with personality.  If I could name the mailboxes I photographed above, I’d call them Stan, Lou, and Dot, respectively.

Have I lost your attention?  Your respect?  Ha.

Pockets seemed like the perfect interpretation of a mailbox.  I was inspired by the geometric shape, and the function of a box.  Maybe it’s totally weird to have four pockets consuming the side of a tee, but I’m so excited about it.

What would you keep in all of your pockets?

You know the drill: inspiration today, tutorial tomorrow.  Can’t wait to show you how simple this is!

color-blocked gloves

color-blocked gloves

DIY color-blocked glovesDIY color-blocked gloves

Yesterday I showed you my snowy inspiration for these color-blocked gloves, and today I’m going to give you the how-to.  I love me a project that’s less than five steps long.  Oh, and less than two dollars.  No big deal.

Two sets of knit gloves.  I got mine 2 for $1.50
Matching thread


1.  Cut both sets of gloves at the same angle.
2. Swap out the different colors to make color-blocked sets (you’ll be able to make two sets of gloves this way)
3. Pin with right sides together.
4. Sew together with a lengthened stitch, being careful not to stretch the gloves as you go.

I’ve been wearing mine, even when it isn’t very cold out.  I think I’m going to have to make color-blocked socks or something when spring rolls around.  You know, to avoid depression when I put these away at season’s end.

DIY color-blocked glovesDIY color-blocked glovesDIY color-blocked gloves

be inspired: snow and ice

Our world has been covered with a blanket of snow for a few weeks now.  I always find myself a little torn this time of year, anxious for greener weather, but sad to think of losing our beautiful winter wonderland.  As obnoxious as snow can be, it’s certainly an inspiring sight.

When I started looking through my snowy pictures, all I could think about was color-blocking to imitate snow-covering.  And what better to cloak with “snow” than a warm pair of gloves?

be inspired: snow and ice

Happy love day, and be sure to check back tomorrow for the glove tutorial.

be inspired: embroidery hoops

Ok, I’m mixing up “be inspired” a little bit today.

See, typically I show you three of my own photographs that inspired a project, but today I’m going to show you three pictures of other people’s work that have inspired something… well, something pretty fantastic, if you don’t mind me tooting my own horn here.

When you have a space-consuming passion like sewing, it can be difficult trying to create an efficient work space, especially when you live in a small apartment. I’ve tried keeping my things in containers, and luggage, and boxes. I’ve even tried putting it all into fairly permanent storage to make room for more important things, like the kitchen table (absolute misery). But this time I have a real solution- a way to keep all of my sewing tools out of the way, but still in reach.

The idea hit me when I started seeing pictures of embroidery hoop wall art all over this here internet. I liked it, but that naggy, practical part of me was saying, “but what’s the point?” So I negotiated with myself: you can put up the wall art if you can make it functional- two birds, you know. Then I remembered that obnoxious pile of containers- each too small for it’s contents- taking up my precious closet space.

One of my favorite things about this wall is how simple it is to take each embroidery hoop off the wall to work with at your table while you sew.

I shared my notions wall over at U-Create last month, and now, during this entire upcoming week (Monday-Friday), I’m going to share detailed tutorials on how to make each part.  Maybe there’ll be a giveaway too… okay, definitely there’ll be a giveaway!  Stay tuned, and be excited…

And a big thanks to Katie, from Bower Power, for her beautiful inspiration!

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