blooming hoop wrap

I love something that can be used over and over again.  A little time to make a pretty package this year could mean for an effortless gift wrap next year.


3 plastic bags
parchment paper
embroidery hoop


① Lay 3 plastic bags flat on top of each other with the logo facing the center.
② Place parchment paper on top and bottom of the plastic bags to keep the bags from melting onto the iron and ironing board, and press with a warm iron until the plastic melts together.  It doesn’t take long, just a few seconds.
③ Cut a circle from the plastic twice the diameter of the embroidery hoop.
④ Poke holes near the edge around the entire circle.
⑤ Put the plastic bag in the embroidery hoop, centered.
⑥ Run the rope/twine through the holes and tie large knots at both ends.  Cinch the string and tie the hoop closed.

Depending on the size of the embroidery hoop you use, this can be used to wrap money, gift cards, or jewelry.


Reduce. Reuse. Wrap.

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