QUILT SHOP GRAND OPENING + a discount code

yellow spool quilt shop grand openingI hardly even know where to begin here, I’m so excited!  In celebration of Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, and Cyber Monday, my quilt shop is officially open.  Stocked, and ready to send to you and your loved ones for the holiday.

Each product is one-of-a-kind.  That’s right, no two quilts alike.

From now through December 6th you can use the promo code: QUILTEDHOLIDAY to recieve 15% off of your order.  So gift a handmade quilt or quilted pillow to someone you love this year.  That perfect, unforgettable holiday gift is waiting for you in the quilt shop!

when the sewing machine is off \\ 009

I used to do a little weekly series where I shared some of life’s moments when I wasn’t sewing.  Since I try to concentrate my sewing hours into nap & bedtime, the list is usually filled with my family’s everyday. I don’t know why I stopped, I guess I just got preoccupied, but this is my journal, and I do more than sew.  With that said, I’m bringing back the little moments with “when the sewing machine is off”:

the chair share

We finally had to break down and get a vacuum that works, and I’ve never felt like such a slob in my life.  My goodness, that thing finds a lot of dirt in our little apartment.  The vacuum industry has made leaps and bounds in the last five years, I tell ya.

Apparently, when my girls aren’t sleeping on the same bed, or playing the same games, or splashing in the same bath, or drinking from the same cup, they’re eating on the same chair.  I literally cannot get them to sit apart anymore.  But I’m pretty sure that’s a good thing :)

I did me a little furniture rearranging today to get a spot cleared right by the windows to put our Christmas tree in a few days.  I keep coming in and seeing that bare corner and grinning in anticipation.

We don’t see much of Rauland with his ever-time-consuming student and church duties, but every once in a while he sneaks home before the girls go to bed and when he does so it feels like a gift.  Like, it really does feel like someone has handed me a tangible gift that we can hug and giggle over.

setting up shop


Yesterday we spent our morning jimmy-rigging my quilts to a canopy so I could photograph them.  Well, most of them, the sun got harsh and the wind picked up before we had finished photographing all of the quilts.

Rauland used his day off to help me set up and herd our two little not-so-helpful-helpers out of the way.  I feel so lucky to have his full support.  In fact, “support” isn’t even the right word, he’s been completely encouraging through this whole refining process.  I wouldn’t have ever made the plunge to put myself out there and try to sell if it weren’t for him praising my work and telling me that people would really get excited about these quilts.

I guess I’m just feeling grateful for the people in my life today, is all!

let there be light

yellow spool

yellow spool

For the past eight months my sewing machine was stationed in a dark, cramped storage room, with only but a dim light on the opposite wall from my table.  Any permanent location for my trusted machine is appreciated, no matter how cave-like the setting, but having natural light flooding my sewing table is sublime.  And I’m definitely enjoying having my work station back in a more social setting.