about yellow spool

the quilter ▸ Stacie is the creative and sewing hands behind each Yellow Spool quilt. Every item in the shop is made at home while her little ones sleep, making for early mornings and busy nap times. But who wouldn’t spend each spare minute of their every day sewing to their heart’s content?

the quilts ▸▸ Yellow Spool quilts are made one-of-a-kind, with unique colors for each pattern and size. It’s just more fun that way. Each quilt is machine pieced, quilted, and hand bound.  Our designs are original, educational, and simply-complex.

Cozy quilts are what make the world go ’round. At least, here at Yellow Spool they do.

the yellow spool ▸▸▸ Located in Seattle, WA, Yellow Spool was started as a way to help provide for the family of a grad student. While he studies architecture, she’s busy at home, quilting each product with detailed care.

As a small business, your interest in our work means the world to us, so thank you.