Stacie Schaat is a textile artist who has worked with many different fiber arts and mediums over the years, including the pixelated world quilt that launched Yellow Spool's popularity.

Recently, she has shifted her work efforts from making product to offering tools for others to learn the skills they need to create their own fiber art.

Stacie's enthusiasm for simple + sustainable work is reflected in her method and material choices. Her materials are almost entirely repurposed, and each item is made to last generations.

Yellow Spool is a one-woman-business operated from the comfort of Stacie's small urban apartment. This home/studio setup can prove to be challenging, but allows Stacie to work from home where she also tends to the needs of her three young children. Chasing the mirage of the perfect work/life balance has led Stacie to a slower paced life, filled with less things and more time for what matters most: her love of family and her love of making.